3/5 “On our way to Tuzla, people on the side of the road cursed and threw stones at us. After driving for an hour, the bus stopped. A Serbian soldier came on board. I remember how big he was. He was wearing military pants, and he had no shirt on. He had a knife in one hand and in the other hand, he held a gun. He cursed and screamed at us. He ordered us to give him our jewelry, gold, silver, or money. Nobody had anything. As nobody had anything to offer him, he became angrier. You could feel the fear inside the bus. Next thing I remember, I stood up. I didn’t have any feeling in my legs. At the time, I had a doll with just one eye. I was shaking, and I said: “please take my doll”. It was my most prized possession. Everyone on the bus was silent and looking at me. The next moment, the bus driver intervened. He told the soldier to leave, and he left. We arrived in Tuzla, and stayed in a refugee camp. Not long after we arrived, my eldest sister Fatima finally joined us. She was alone. My mother asked her: ‘Where is Abdulah?’ Fatima said: ‘The Serbian Army captured Abdulah.’ My mother fainted. We allscreamedandcried.”