2/4 “We were having dinner when all of a sudden we heard that the Serbian military had invaded Srebrenica. I was only ten years old, but I understood very well that something terrible was happening. We quickly packed some stuff and left. I took my schoolbag, and inside I put a notebook and my little Duplo toy, Sabe. Together with thousands of people, we started walking towards a safer village. When we arrived, the Bosnian men, including my father, had to go to the frontline. I remember we were sitting down when my father put me on his lap. He wasn’t an emotional man, but, at that moment, he started to cry. He said: ‘Bina, war is a big man who is trying to eat us. This time, to not be eaten, we are going to have to part ways.’ He told me that we would meet in front of the shopping mall in Tuzla, the safe zone. My father noticed my backpack. He said it would be too heavy for me to carry it, and that it would be better to leave it. He asked me what was inside. I told him that I had brought a notebook so he would have paper to roll his cigarettes. When I said that, he started crying so loud that the sound echoed through the woods.”