3/4 “There were thousands of people surrounding us as we began saying our goodbyes. By the time I gave my father a final hug, everyone was gone, and it was just me, my father, mother, and my two little sisters. Someone shouted that we had to leave, or we would get killed. We left my father behind, and while walking away from him, I looked back in his direction so I could see him a bit longer. My father stood there with my small backpack in his hands. As I was looking back towards him, I fell over a piece of wood. I started crying, and my father came running up to me and said: ‘If you fall even when I’m watching you, how will you survive without me?’ My mother and sisters had already walked on a bit farther. I asked my father if I could please come with him. He told me I couldn’t, but he promised we would see each other again. My mother then came back and pulled my hand. I got up and walked off with my mother and sisters. Suddenly, I heard my father’s voice again. He yelled: ‘Bina, you forgot your toy!’. I ran towards him, and while he wanted to hand over Sabe, I told him that he should keep Sabe safe. I knew that if I left the toy with him, my father would have to keep his promise and bring Sabe back to me. I put Sabe in the pocket of his trousers, and we started walking away. When we got to a meadow, I heard someone calling my name. In the distance, on the hill, I saw my father. He waved with his shirt and screamed: ‘We’ll see each other in Tuzla, I love you!’.”