5/6 ”I was waiting for it. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in the side of my stomach. I waited for the next bullet to end my suffering. I saw people falling down around me. A moment later, another bullet hit my left foot. Everywhere, I heard the voices of people crying and moaning. I heard one of the Serbian soldiers ordering the other soldier to check all the bodies. First, he refused, saying everyone was already dead. Then he stood just in front of me and killed a guy next to me who was still moving. I was waiting for him to kill me, but nothing happened. I asked myself: ‘Why aren’t I dead?’. The soldier shot everyone who was making noise. Slowly, it became quieter. Moments later, all the soldiers left by truck. I turned my head, and I noticed someone was moving in front of me. I asked him: ‘Are you alive?’. He said yes. I was so weak I could barely move. He begged me to try. When I finally reached him, he was able to bite off my ties with his teeth. I tried to take off his ties with my teeth, but I didn’t have the strength. In the distance, we could hear the trucks arriving again. I was in so much pain, but I started crawling over the dead bodies. We managed to hide in the bushes. We could hear another row of people getting shot. I found a stone, and I managed to cut off his ties. He took off his shirt, and he wrapped it around my wounds. He tried to stop the bleeding. He used my underwear and wrapped it around my feet. After that, all I can remember is being exhausted and falling asleep.”