1/3 ”We lived in a small room in an apartment. That room was our kitchen, living room, working space and bedroom. There were five other families in the apartment and we shared one single bathroom. We all fled from different villages in the area and found safety in Srebrenica. In the same building, a couple floors above, lived my uncle and aunt. My uncle would always try to entertain us. He was a wonderful man. We lived off aid food packages that often contained things such as milk, powdered eggs, a little bit of detergent, and a few canned items. My sister and I would try to get really creative with it, and we would make our own candies, such as lollipops made out of melted sugar, and chocolate cream made out of powdered milk mixed with water. I also learned how to make my own shoe polish, a candle, and a meal for my sister which consisted of fried flour mixed with water. We had only one doll, our days were filled with fear, but we were happy.”