(1/4) ”Because of my father’s medical condition, we decided to try to go from Srebrenica to the city of Tuzla. My father and I managed to get on a truck. Unfortunately, my mother and sister could not get on a truck and had to stay in Srebrenica. However, my father’s condition didn’t improve in Tuzla. One year later he passed away. By that time, Srebrenica was surrounded by the Serb forces and my mother and sister couldn’t leave to attend my father’s funeral. Through the Red Cross, I managed to send them a letter to let them know dad had passed away. I was sixteen and I had to bury my father alone. A year later, on the 16th of July 1995, my mother finally managed to get to Tuzla. In the meantime, my sister got engaged. She wanted to stay with her fiancé Sadif. She promised my mother she would meet us in Tuzla. The first thing my mother did, when she arrived in Tuzla, was to buy my sister Enesa a beautiful set of baby blue bed sheets and pillowcases. Once Enesa and Sadif arrived, she would give it to them as an engagement gift.”