(2/4) ”Days went by and we didn’t hear from Enesa and Sadif. Every day new refugees came in from Srebrenica. My mother and I would go to the refugee camps and ask people if they had seen Enesa and Sadif. We would show them pictures but nobody recognized them. Every day, my mother would pray. While praying she would raise her hands and say: ‘Dear god, please show me where to look. Please let me understand what has happened to Enesa and Sadif.’ After one month of searching, we finally got some news. Someone told us that my sister was part of a group of people who tried to escape through the forest. She was seen resting with a wound in her belly. Later this was confirmed. People had seen Sadif carrying her through the forest. We kept searching for more information but found nothing. After 5 months we registered Enesa as a missing person. They took some blood samples and said they would let us know if there was any news.”