(4/4) “Years later, we found out, through a reconstruction based on stories from different people, that Sadif was seen carrying Enesa through the forest while she was already dead. People had told him to leave her body behind. Sadif had told them that he wouldn’t leave Enesa alone. Remains of Sadif’s body were only found in 2015. After finding out about Enesa’s death, my mother still took good care of the set of bedsheets. I could see there was something my mom was still struggling with. It took her years to finally tell me that, just before leaving Srebrenica, Enesa had told her that she was pregnant. My mother passed away in 2016. All those years she kept the set of sheets under her bed. Before finding out about Enesa’s death, the set symbolized hope. After they found her body, the set became a part of my sister that my mother carried with her. The big sheet I kept for my family. I have two daughters. I want them to know who their aunt was. They love seeing the sheet. One day I will pass it on to them and they will share the story of Enesa with their children. I decided to donate the pillowcases to the Srebrenica Memorial Center and the War Childhood Museum. If I kept them to myself, only my family would know about what happened to Enesa. This way, thewholeworldwillknow.”