“For a long time I thought that I was unhappy because I was living in Lebanon. I have left Beirut many times. I travelled a lot, mostly to South America and I discovered a spiritual side to myself. Every time I came back to Beirut, I thought of it as a place with negative energy. Maybe it has something to do with the war and everything we went through here but last summer that changed. I went to Amsterdam to get my NLP practitioner certification. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind. I learned so much from that experience and also from the Dutch culture. Amsterdam was an eye-opening-experience. It is a city with so many different people with different ideas and ideologies but they all co-exist. It made me realize that it is not Beirut that is the problem, it was me. I was keeping myself from being happy. All I gotta do is just live my life, be myself and the rest of the world will catch up. Eventually.”
(Beirut, Lebanon)