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2/2 “I could never admit that I was an addict until that horrible incident. I had returned to Lebanon after graduation and one weekend, I went to the mountains to a rave with my friends. I was supposed to go with my girlfriend but she was so fed up with my addiction that she broke up with me. At the party I saw her kissing another man. I was hallucinating and in my mind she was looking at me while kissing him. After four days of partying and using drugs without any sleep or food I was exhausted. I tried to find my friend who I left my car keys with but I could not find her. When I called she said that she was already back in Beirut. I asked her to come back to bring the keys but she refused. Never before did I experience such a deep sense of loneliness. I started to cry so intensely and everyone who passed by started to cry as well. There I was, an addict, alone without any help from my friends, without my girlfriend. I ordered a cab, who brought me my car keys. I went straight to my mother’s house and I said to her: ‘’I am not leaving the house until we find a rehab.’’ It was the first time I admitted that I was an addict. The next day I quit my job and I went to a rehab in the mountains. I went to rehab for 1 year and 3 months and for the first time I started to mourn my father. I started to talk about my feelings and everything I had been through. Slowly I got my life back on track. I am now an art director and I love my job. I still go to weekly meetings organized by the rehab. I can not describe how thankful I am. I got a second chance to life.”