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½ ‘’As a kid I was never allowed to play outside. My parents were always afraid something bad would happen to me. There was not much to do at home but play video games. That is how I developed a gaming addiction. When I turned 12, my dad passed away. Instead of mourning my father, I suddenly felt this immense freedom. For the first time in my life I could just leave the house and come back home when ever I wanted. At the time, I was really into metal and I had long hair and piercings. At school I was bullied a lot. At 17, I graduated high school and I went to Cyprus to study graphic design, a huge passion of mine. One night, I went to see a friend and he offered me to smoke a joint. I thought we were smoking weed but it turned out it was another, much stronger drugs called K2. After one week I was completely addicted. During the next four years all I did was use drugs. At some point I even became a dealer myself. Everyone knew me but nobody really knew me. Everyone wanted something from me but nobody was my friend.“