1/4 “My parents tried to have children for seven years. From the moment I was born, my father and I were inseparable. I remember he would always come home after work and lie down on the couch. I would sit next to him and feel his pulse. He explained that people have vessels and that when you stop feeling their heartbeat, they are no longer alive. It was the first time I learned about death. I was almost seven when the war started in 1992. We ran away from our hometown and stayed with my grandparents near Srebrenica. Those years were tough. There was little food, and our family was poor. My father was in the military. He would often go to the frontline. Sometimes he would be away for weeks, but he would always come back with some food. One day he came home and he said: Sabina, I have a surprise for you. What do you think it is? I asked if it was chocolate. He said: ‘it’s even sweeter than chocolate,’ and he gave me a little Duplo man. I could have never imagined having a real toy. I would play with tiny pieces of wood, for which my grandmother would knit small sweaters. All the children in the village were jealous of my toy. I namedhimSabe, aftermyfather’snickname