“My mother would tell me I had to be grateful she hadn’t aborted me. My relationship with my mother was difficult. She was addicted to medication and wanted to control my every move. Whenever I visited my best friend’s house I noticed that she got cuddled a lot. My mother barely showed any affection. My best friend’s mum noticed that my legs were covered with stains. That was because my mother would give me two tiny little towels per week to clean myself. I remember that my best friend’s mother would put me under the shower and made sure I was clean. I was twelve when I accidentally discovered that my father wasn’t my biological father. I always suspected something like that but still it was a shock for me to have been lied to for so many years.. My mother took me out of school when I was fourteen. She had managed to convince the Child Welfare Council that she would home school me but she never did. So during the day I would hang out on the street. I would steal things like make up, not for myself but for other kids. I thought that if I gave them presents, they would become my friends.” (1/5)