I’m super proud to announce that the first Humans of Amsterdam book will come out next month. It is published by National Geographic which is an absolute dream come true. The book contains 320 pages and over 400 portraits and stories of which some have never been published before. All of this could never have happened without the support of all of you. Through the years I have read every single comment and message you have sent. Your excitement and compassion in this community has always been my main motivation whenever I would feel I was running out energy. The Humans of Amsterdam has taught me more than any other educational institution ever has. You can already preorder the book

(see the link in the comment section)

If you are in The Netherlands, you can order the book through this link:


*Shipping is free if you order before the 1th of October.

Anywhere outside of The Netherlands, you can order the book here:


If you have any trouble ordering the book please send me an email personally to humansofamsterdam@gmail.com When I signed the deal for the book my main request was that we were able to send the book abroad since so many of you are not located here in The Netherlands. That’s why I’m going to need all the feedback you have in case there is a problem with ordering the book.

The official launch is on the 13th of October. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet and 3 people who are also portrayed in the book will be sharing their story life on stage. We have about 120 spots available so if you want to be a part of the event send me a message to

humansofamsterdam@gmail.com under the description (Humans of Amsterdam book launch) and I will send you the invitation.